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Thursday, 8 November 2018

Cosy couples getaway

Every once and a while, city life can get a bit much and if, you're anything like me, you’ll crave some fresh, countryside air. Living in Glasgow, it’s easy to forget just how fortunate we are in terms of geography (yes, geography). The capital and one of the best cities in the world is just 50 miles away.  One of the most romantic places in the UK, the Lake District, can be reached in under two hours.  And one of the world’s most beautiful Loch’s (and my happy place) can be discovered in just an hour’s drive. It’s time to make the most of having access to so many fabulous destinations so to kick it off, last month, Liam and I took up the offer to visit a quaint hotel perched on the edge of Loch Lomond, in the charming little town of St Fillan’s.


On route to St Fillan’s it was clear we’d struck the weather jackpot. The sun was splitting in the sky and the temperatures had reached above 15 degrees – it was perfect. On arrival to The Four Seasons, we were greeted with a warm welcome, but what I was most impressed with was just how welcome our little pug, Indie. We’ve taken Indie to a few hotels in the past but I can say without doubt that the staff at The Four Seasons took doggy welcomes to the next level. We were informed that our little baby could even join us for dinner AND breakfast. If you’ve got a dog of your own, you’ll appreciate how rare this is!


All checked in, we decided to head straight out and explore St Fillan’s while the sun was still shining bright.  We never actually made it into the little town but instead stuck to the loch edge, exploring forest walks, stumbling across tree swings and stopping to take pictures. Lots of pictures!

With the sun beginning to dip, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for dinner. Putting my makeup on in front of our HUGE window that looked directly onto the loch, I noticed the sun setting behind the hills quicker than I expected. I grabbed Liam, Indie and the camera and we headed down to the little dock and captured some of my favourite pictures of recent. You honestly can’t beat a sunset picture!


Dinner time now and we were suitably starving and ready to stuff our faces! We’d read a little about the Tarken Bar & Bistro on Tripadvisor before we headed up so knew were in for some good food. For starters, we shared the Chicken and Haggis Croquettes. I’m not one to choose haggis but these were actually super tast. For mains, we chowed down the Traditional Burger in a Brioche Bun with double (or was it triple) cooked chips. TAST-Y. With little room left to spare but just enough, we ordered some desert and by desert, I mean cheese and crackers for me (LOL) and cheesecake for Liam. Full to the brim and a little tipsy from prosecco, we called it a night and headed back to our room.

Unfortunately, we had plans the next afternoon so couldn’t stay around to enjoy more of the area but we did have time to enjoy breakfast (yes, more food) before we departed and a brisk walk in the foggy weather. Again, breakfast was super tasty and set us up for the day ahead.

One thing I truly loved about St Fillan’s was how laid back the community was. Walking Indie down the road at 9am felt more like 6am with not a soul in sight and just the occasional car passing by. The Four Seasons echoes just that feeling with cosy fireplaces and the cutest library nook that would be the ideal spot to get lost in a book.

If you’re looking for a cosy, welcoming and homely place to stay with unbeatable views of Loch Lomond, The Four Seasons is just the place. I could only imagine how beautiful this place would be in the winter and would make a great Christmas getaway.

Thanks again to the staff at The Four Seasons for inviting us to stay and experience the beautiful St Fillan’s. We hope to be back one day soon.



Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Falling in and out of love

I 'm gonna make a presumption and say the above heading has you questioning an uncertain love and whether or not I'm going through a rocky pre-marital stage of my relationship. Well folks, I'm happy to report that I'm not. And this blog post actually has nothing to do with the love of my relationship (phew). What I do want to talk about though is my love/hate relationship with Instagram at the moment.

I'm sure you're probably well aware of the sticky topic of Instagram's algorithm. Whether you've experienced its annoyance first hand or have seen other Instagrammers that you follow complain about it on their channel - you know something is going on and the majority rules: Not in Favour! I can now say that I'm joining this group of frustrated Instagrammers.

If you follow me on the photo sharing app you'll know that I have a modest following. For me, Instagram has never been just about the numbers but of course, creating content and getting acknowledgement via kind comments for something you've worked hard on is super rewarding. Nowadays though, you could post one really kick-ass image that's taken time and consideration, vs a lack-lustre 2-minute snap from your phone and get more engagement on the latter. Despite how much I love to capture creative imagery and (what I hope is) interesting content, the exposure you get on your work does have an impact on your motivation, whether I like it or not.

I  don't want to ramble on about what Instagram is or isn't doing but I wanted to put my thoughts down on keyboard and ask, do you still enjoy my content? I guess nowadays it's hard to know what people like and don't like so please, please, please, share your thoughts. I'll always stay true to my own style but it would be great to know what type of things you like seeing and reading.

From my side, I want to share a lot more wedding content - we're on the nine month countdown now...eek! I also always love to show fashion-led posts and despite a near non-existent clothes shopping budget atm, I'll try my best to keep this up. I'd also like to dip my toes into more emotional/real blog posts - it's one category I've typically stayed away from in the past but love to read other peoples. And finally, experiencing life and sharing those happy little moments in the best way I possibly can!

If you've made it to the end of this post - thank you! This post is a little different to what I've written in the past and am happy to step out of my comfort zone.

I hope this is the start of more regular posting here on The Girl with the Big Hair and you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Until next time.


Saturday, 1 September 2018

Foodie Finds | August

If you enjoy your grub like me, then trying somewhere new for breakfast, lunch or dinner will bring a lot of happy smiles to your face. Despite my best efforts, I find I’m a creature of habit when it comes to eating out and often book into the restaurants I know and love all too often. In a bid to spread my wings, I introduced the Foodie Finds feature on my blog a few months back and I’m finally back with a few new discoveries.

Mono - South Bridge, Edinburgh

When you look at the website for Mono, it reads, ‘Progressive Italian Dining’ and that’s exactly what you’re served. Inside, the restaurant is very minimalistic, with a nod to Scandi style interiors featuring a quaint fireplace, wood floors, tables and chairs, and modern lighting. 

After missing Mono’s bloggers banquet a few weeks before, I was kindly invited to try out their Apertivi menu on a date that suited. When we arrived, my friend Tessa and I were greeted with a warm welcome from staff before being shown to our table.

So, what’s their Appretivi menu I hear you ask. Essentially, it’s their early evening menu that runs from 5-6.30pm and offers a pre-starter with a house spritz followed by three courses from a selective menu.

We started off our meal with a selection of delicious breads with oil and a few bite-sized canapes, otherwise known as ‘stuzzichini. In all honesty I didn’t know what to expect and these snazzy little pre-starters put the bar high for the rest of the meal. 

Following our bread and stuzzichini, we were served our first (or Primi) course. Both Tessa and I went for the baked ricotta with pine nuts, peppers, aubergine, olives and tomato. Again, what was served took me by surprise but in the best possible way. After the first curious mouthful we scoffed down the rest.

Course two, I went for the Dry Aged Beef Ox Cheek with kohlrabi, cauliflower, hazelnut and sea truffle and Tessa tried the Octopus Alla Piastra with courgette, spring onion and curried butter. Again, we both really enjoyed our choices and each were cooked to perfection.

We finished off with dessert - I went for the cherry and chocolate and if I’m honest, regretted my choice. I think I realised I’m not really a fan of cherry however I’m sure the desert would be enjoyed by anyone that does. Tessa rated her Caramelised Peach, (almond milk, peach sorbet with Amaretti biscuits) as the best course out of the lot and I was envious to say the least!

Overall, we really enjoyed trying something completely different. Each course was presented beautifully and at the end of the meal we felt satisfied but not over-full (as I often find I do). I’d really recommend giving Mono a try if you’re in Edinburgh. The restaurant also offers a regular A La Carte menu, Lunch Menu and rather exciting Tasting Menu which looks ideal for a special occasion. You can view all of the menus on their website here.

Mozza – Renfield Street, Glasgow

Sticking with Italian cuisine, another new try for me this month was Mozza in Glasgow. Last week, the girls and I headed here to celebrate the exciting news of Rachel’s engagement (eek!). Side note – check out her beautiful ring here.

Now back to Mozza - the restaurant is conveniently located a few minutes-walk from Glasgow Central station…the ideal spot for some Friday night grub, pre-cocktails.

Inside, you’ll find a nice big space with the name Mozza in lights on the wall. From the menu you can choose one of 13 different styles of neopolitan pizza. I went for number five which was a spicy tomato-based pizza with mozzarella, spicy salami, ricotta cheese, black pepper, basil and oil. It was super tasty and actually really reminded me of Peasano's pizza (which I'm guessing are also Neopolitan?). 

The prices are extremely reasonable too with pizzas starting from just £5 with the priciest at £9 – bargain! I didn’t try any of the sides or desserts so can’t comment on them, but I did try some of their white wine which went perfectly with my pizza.

I’ll definitely be heading back to Mozza and would highly recommend for all of you pizza lovers out there.

Thanks again to Mono for inviting us along to try out their food!

Until next time.


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