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Saturday, 1 September 2018

Foodie Finds | August

If you enjoy your grub like me, then trying somewhere new for breakfast, lunch or dinner will bring a lot of happy smiles to your face. Despite my best efforts, I find I’m a creature of habit when it comes to eating out and often book into the restaurants I know and love all too often. In a bid to spread my wings, I introduced the Foodie Finds feature on my blog a few months back and I’m finally back with a few new discoveries.

Mono - South Bridge, Edinburgh

When you look at the website for Mono, it reads, ‘Progressive Italian Dining’ and that’s exactly what you’re served. Inside, the restaurant is very minimalistic, with a nod to Scandi style interiors featuring a quaint fireplace, wood floors, tables and chairs, and modern lighting. 

After missing Mono’s bloggers banquet a few weeks before, I was kindly invited to try out their Apertivi menu on a date that suited. When we arrived, my friend Tessa and I were greeted with a warm welcome from staff before being shown to our table.

So, what’s their Appretivi menu I hear you ask. Essentially, it’s their early evening menu that runs from 5-6.30pm and offers a pre-starter with a house spritz followed by three courses from a selective menu.

We started off our meal with a selection of delicious breads with oil and a few bite-sized canapes, otherwise known as ‘stuzzichini. In all honesty I didn’t know what to expect and these snazzy little pre-starters put the bar high for the rest of the meal. 

Following our bread and stuzzichini, we were served our first (or Primi) course. Both Tessa and I went for the baked ricotta with pine nuts, peppers, aubergine, olives and tomato. Again, what was served took me by surprise but in the best possible way. After the first curious mouthful we scoffed down the rest.

Course two, I went for the Dry Aged Beef Ox Cheek with kohlrabi, cauliflower, hazelnut and sea truffle and Tessa tried the Octopus Alla Piastra with courgette, spring onion and curried butter. Again, we both really enjoyed our choices and each were cooked to perfection.

We finished off with dessert - I went for the cherry and chocolate and if I’m honest, regretted my choice. I think I realised I’m not really a fan of cherry however I’m sure the desert would be enjoyed by anyone that does. Tessa rated her Caramelised Peach, (almond milk, peach sorbet with Amaretti biscuits) as the best course out of the lot and I was envious to say the least!

Overall, we really enjoyed trying something completely different. Each course was presented beautifully and at the end of the meal we felt satisfied but not over-full (as I often find I do). I’d really recommend giving Mono a try if you’re in Edinburgh. The restaurant also offers a regular A La Carte menu, Lunch Menu and rather exciting Tasting Menu which looks ideal for a special occasion. You can view all of the menus on their website here.

Mozza – Renfield Street, Glasgow

Sticking with Italian cuisine, another new try for me this month was Mozza in Glasgow. Last week, the girls and I headed here to celebrate the exciting news of Rachel’s engagement (eek!). Side note – check out her beautiful ring here.

Now back to Mozza - the restaurant is conveniently located a few minutes-walk from Glasgow Central station…the ideal spot for some Friday night grub, pre-cocktails.

Inside, you’ll find a nice big space with the name Mozza in lights on the wall. From the menu you can choose one of 13 different styles of neopolitan pizza. I went for number five which was a spicy tomato-based pizza with mozzarella, spicy salami, ricotta cheese, black pepper, basil and oil. It was super tasty and actually really reminded me of Peasano's pizza (which I'm guessing are also Neopolitan?). 

The prices are extremely reasonable too with pizzas starting from just £5 with the priciest at £9 – bargain! I didn’t try any of the sides or desserts so can’t comment on them, but I did try some of their white wine which went perfectly with my pizza.

I’ll definitely be heading back to Mozza and would highly recommend for all of you pizza lovers out there.

Thanks again to Mono for inviting us along to try out their food!

Until next time.



Tuesday, 14 August 2018

The Key to Glowing Skin

Is it just me that thinks beauty starts with gorgeous skin? As a hormonal 16 year-old, I longed for radiant skin and the confidence that comes with that. Now well into my twenties, I'm thankfully passed the stage of unwelcome break-outs, however my skin is scarred in areas and I've re-focused my energy on minimising the appearance of those imperfections.

Over the past few months, I've experimented with more facial treatments than I ever have and honestly, my skin has never looked better. Despite struggling with problem skin, facials have never been something I've been keen to try. The fear of crazy break-outs post treatment is probably the reason for this but as I've learned, not all facials will make you spotty before giving you clear skin.

I booked in for a consultation with the skin gurus at Therapie Clinic, to determine what I wanted from the treatments and agree my areas of concern. My agenda was clear - I wanted my skin to glow, the appearance of my scars to be minimised and my pores reduced. I can say with absolute confidence that we have genuinely achieved this! Here's how we've transformed my skin from lack-lustre and a little dull to plump, smooth and even.

My First Facial 

We started off simply by trying out one of their less-abrasive treatments with the Organic Passion Image Facial Peel. This was a relatively relaxing treatment, with various products wiped across the face with a slight tingling sensation. The results from this were super glowy skin immediately after. I loved the results and my skin felt extremely replenished and nourished - something it absolutely needed. This treatment is perfect for a quick fix - perhaps ahead of a big event like a birthday or celebration. 

Prepping the skin for deeper treatment 

Treatment two was their advance skin peels. This treatment was similar to the first but a little more intense with stronger products used on the face. They say this treatment can result in a little peeling after the treatment but my skin was absolutely fine. Personally for me, this treatment didn't make my skin look quite as glowy and bright as the Passion Peel but that may be because the first treatment was so overdue and therefore had a more drastic change. 

Trying out the Derma Pen Treatment 

After 'prepping' my skin, we moved onto something a little more intense that would really target my scars. The therapist advised me on trying the Derma Pen facial - a fairly new treatment on the market that is said to transform skin. I'm not going to lie, the thought of twelve tiny needles being pierced across my face didn't exactly excite me but I was willing to give it a try. Much to my delight, the first step for the treatment is smearing a numbing cream across your entire face. After ten-minutes, the therapist got started. I was surprised that the treatment actually wasn't as sore as I was expecting. Of course, you can feel the needles but it's definitely bearable and manageable for someone with a low pain threshold. On my first treatment, we used a 0.5mm needle and a 1.5mm needle on treatment two. Naturally the bigger needle pierced deeper and so hurt a little more. I would say it is still bearable but just more intense so something to be aware of if you're wanting more intense results! 

One downside to this treatment is the recovery time. Don't be fooled and think the 'mild sunburn' as it is described on the website will mean you will be cool to go shopping straight after the treatment - you won't! Expect to be housebound for a least 48 hours. Of course, everyone reacts differently to any treatment and I can raise my hand and say I have very sensitive skin but I genuinely looked like I had laid in the sun for 24 hours in 40 degree heat after my first session. Don't believe me? Check out my vlog of the experience here

Once your skin recovers, you'll be pleased to know that your days in the house were absolutely worth it!! Honestly, I never expected the results to be quite as good as they were, and it wasn't just me that noticed how glowy and smooth my skin was looking. The treatment not only targets pores and scarring but also fine lines and skin pigmentation so it's amazing for numerous skin woes. 

I'm due to get a third and final Derma Pen treatment and I do think getting this treatment done a few times makes for better results! The treatment is also only £120 which I think is incredible value for money! 

As I said, my skin has never looked better and it's all down to these treatments. 

Thanks again to Therapie Clinic for letting me try them out!



Tuesday, 5 June 2018

I've found "The One"

The deed is done.

The dress that I’ll walk down the aisle in come next July has been purchased and I can’t quite believe it myself. Only a few days ago, I thought about writing this blog post but with a completely different angle in mind. Having ventured out on my first day of dress shopping with my full bridal squad (sans one) I was ready to declare that my wedding shopping experience had ‘just begun’. Little did I know at that point that my dress was waiting for me in somewhat of a familiar setting, ready to purchase just a few days later.  Oh, how quickly things can change.

So, before I get onto the juicy stuff let me rewind it here a little for you, going back to my first day of dress shopping with the girls and my mum last weekend.

With the date in the diary for a few weeks, I made sure to make most of having (almost) everyone with me. I scheduled four appointments 1. Anne Priscilla 2. Susanne Christyne 3. June Bride 4. Melle Cloche with just enough time in the middle to cheers with a prosecco and grab a bite to eat.
Here’s a rundown of my experience with each.

-       The staff in the store were incredibly welcoming, helpful and seemed to really listen to what I was looking for. They let us have fun – asking each of the girls to choose one dress for me to try on. My stylist also picked out a few crackers and it was her choice that was the front-runner for me. At the end of the day, the Watters gown that I tried on in Anne Priscilla was current front runner.

      2. Susanne Christyne
-       If I’m honest, we weren’t overly impressed with the experience at Susanne Christyne. Although the girl who worked there was very friendly, the dresses she pulled for me to try on were completely wrong, despite showing images of what I liked. Having only tried on two gowns, we decided this store wasn’t for me and didn’t want to waste the girls time so politely departed.  I do think however if you have a set visual in your mind of the style of dress you’re looking for and you can’t find it – this shop may be for you. Customised dresses are their thing. It just so happens I didn’t know what I was looking for at that time.

      3. June Bride
-        I’m very familiar with this store after my sister found her gown here back in 2013. Since we last visited the store has had a revamp and looks great. As soon as I walked into the store I was excitedly impressed by the styles of dresses they had on display. Although I didn’t find the one for me I’d highly recommend June Brides for the girl who’s looking for something modern with ‘glam’ in mind. 

      4. Melle Cloche
     Last but not least was Melle Cloche. Funny story, I actually pass by this store every day on my way in to work but up until this point I hadn’t taken much notice of the stock they had on display. On first impressions it looks like a relatively small shop but don’t be deceived – they have a really lovely space downstairs that’s perfect for a catwalk show.

After the day ended, knowing that I probably hadn’t found ‘the one’ just yet made me feel a little deflated. It’s silly really – I actually had a feeling before the day even started that I wouldn’t find my dress – but knowing that this was true made me feel a little disheartened. Essentially, what I’m trying to say is don’t feel stupid for feeling sad if you don’t find your dress right away – it’s natural.

Fast forward a few days to when I received multiple text messages from my cousin Naomi telling me that I MUST attend the Martina Liana trunk show that was running at Eleganza that weekend. After popping in store for her own dress fitting, my cousin got a sneak peek of the dresses that would be on display and was in complete awe. After seeing a 4-second Snapchat of what the gowns looked like I too was in awe and before I knew it, I was booked in for 9:15am that Saturday. The excitement was real and immediately had the feeling that I was going to find my gown.

A trunk show event offers a completely different experience to a normal shopping day at a bridal store. I’m going to save the details of this for my next blog post as I fear this post will be ten pages long otherwise so do stick around 😊

But my dress, let’s talk about that. Like most other brides, I’d like to keep the detail of this to a minimum as, let’s face it, it takes away some of the excitement of a bride walking down the aisle. What I will say though is that my dress isn’t super-fitted, or big and puffy – it’s somewhere in between. It fits absolutely perfectly with my venue and is romantic, whimsical and effortless. I think it’s the perfect balance between being sweet and under-stated sexy but I’ll let you guys be the judge come next July. It’s also not too heavy which is ideal for an abroad wedding. I hope that gives you a little feel of what I’ve went for 😊

Although I left with just one dress, every single one I tried on was absolutely stunning and I’m the designers new big fan. As Anna, the store manager at Eleganza said, “She just knows what a girl wants,” and I couldn’t agree more.



Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Laser hair removal. Is it worth it?

With winter now finally behind us (keeping everything crossed!) I’ve got summer on my mind. Recent nights have me dreaming of warm evenings, a calendar filled with BBQ and picnic invites, and the ability to dress in as few layers as humanly possible. Summer is by far my favourite season of the year and the time us Scots really come alive. Honestly, visit Glasgow during a heatwave (or any temperature above 20 degrees for that matter) and you’ll know what happiness looks like.

My only gripe with this scorcher of a season however is the excessive need to shave. I’ll admit it, I’m one of those gals who shamelessly neglects shaving her legs in the winter. If I don’t have to get my legs out for a party then the short fuzz of hair can stay put. Even in the summer, my shaving frequency does increase but I still find myself frantically trying to shave my legs five minutes before I dash out the door.

Despite my shaving grudges, getting laser to reduce/remove the hair on my body never crossed my mind until the team at Therapie Clinic offered me the chance to try it out. With absolutely no idea of what was involved, how long it took or how painful it was going to be I initially turned down the offer. Fast forward a few months to the day my friend Victoria told me about her “pain-free” experience and suddenly I was willing to give it a try. You’ll surely know by now that I’m an absolute wimp when it comes to pain so hearing that it “honestly didn’t hurt” was like music to my ears.  
I wanted to start off with a small area to see if it was for me so opted to target my underarms. The team recommend you get six sessions of laser to see the best result. I’m now three sessions in so thought now would be a good time to share my thoughts so far.
To keep things concise, I’ve answered a few of the most asked questions about laser below:

What is it like to get laser hair removal?

At Therapie Clinic, the team use some of the most advanced technology in the world, using what’s called “medical-grade laser”. After popping on to a treatment bed and given a pair of orange protective glasses (sexy), my therapist analysed the area and cleaned it with an alcoholic wipe before rubbing some gel over the target area. She then used the machine which has some form of laser light at the top of it (technical, I know) and then rubs this back and forth in a quick motion across the skin. This doesn’t hurt in any way but by the end of each timed session you can feel this heating up ever so slightly.

How long does it take?

This depends on the area but as I’m only getting my underarms done I’m honestly in and out of the clinic in 15 minutes.

What are the results like?

They say you’ll start to see results after two to three sessions so just about where I’m at now with my treatment. As someone who has ridiculously fast-growing hair – just look at the hair on my head and you’ll get the picture – I’ve always had to shave my underarms daily. Since my last treatment I’ve noticed the hair is growing at a much slower pace, isn’t as dark as before and has reduced significantly. Even when my hair has fully grown in I can notice the overall growth area has reduced. One thing to note, is that laser removes 75-80% of hair so won’t remove absolutely everything but you’re still guaranteed great results.

Anything else I’d need to know?

There are a few rules when getting laser, the biggest being that you can’t wear fake tan in the area you’re targeting during your treatment. Not a problem for me as fake tan is a rarity in my beauty routine but I know this can be off-putting for some people.

Pre-treatment you need to shave 24hrs in advance so the area is prepped and during treatments you can’t wax  at all. 

Post-treatment you’re not allowed to take any hot baths/showers or put on deodorant for around 24 hours I believe so definitely something to keep in mind when booking your appointments. You wouldn’t want to leave yourself unable to shower before a big night out….

What does it cost?

Despite being the No.1 provider of laser hair removal in Europe, Therapie Clinic are actually very affordable. They regularly have offers running on the treatment and prices start from just £19 for lip/chin area and £49 for leg & underarm area. Not bad at all.

I’m excited to see what further change I’ll see after my next three sessions and will absolutely keep you all up-to-date with the results! Feel free to drop me a DM on Instagram @thegirlwiththebighair if you have any questions.

Until next time.



Sunday, 15 April 2018

Three must-have Spring trends and how to wear them: 2018

Why is that when you’re really watching your pennies and limiting yourself to buying no-more than one item a month (even that’s at a push) that fashion gets so damn good. There are so many new and exciting trend pieces in the stores that I thought I’d share my want-list here on the blog. I mean, if I can't get my hands on them all I’d at least like to talk about them.

The chunky ‘dad’ trainers

I’ll admit it, when I first seen the Balenciaga trainers hit Instagram I was not a fan. I thought they were far too bulky and fussy to work with anything in my wardrobe and I just didn’t see them taking off. Fast forward a month or so and now most of the high-street stores have their own version and I’ve finally come around. Places like Public Desire and Zara have some amazing dupes that I much prefer with their more simplistic feel. The ‘Cheetah’ from PB are my faves and they’re a bargain £29.99! I also don’t see this trend sticking around for much longer than a year or so would be hesitant to investing in the real deal.

How to style them:
  •        With a pair of lose fitting trouser and a casual tee
  •        With a midi-length silk skirt and crow neck jumper
  •        Paired with light denim straight leg jeans and a turtle-neck top
  •        Dressing down a matching two-piece suit

The two-piece

They’ve been around for a good while now but my need for the two-piece suit is as strong as ever. Pink has been the colour to have and I’m fortunate enough to have (very recently) got my hands on an amazing 80s-inspired pink suit from Quiz. It’s a really nice shape and fit, and I’m excited about the multiple ways I’ll be able to style these pieces. They don’t have to be plain either like this white pin-stripe suit from Missguided. I’ve also seen short suits creep into the stores which will be perfect for the warmer weather.

How to style the suit:
  • Worn together with barely-there heels and a lace body or bandeau crop top 
  • Dressed down with a graphic tee and chunky trainers (see above 😊)
  • Worn as separates. The trousers with an over-sized boyfriend shirt and sliders. Or the jacket with a mini skirt and sock boots

Gen Z Yellow

I can hand on heart say I’ve never been a fan of the colour yellow in my wardrobe…..until now. I don’t know what it is about yellow this season but it seems to be THE colour to wear. I never thought yellow to be a flattering colour for me as I’m so pale but after trying on this crop top I’ve completely changed my mind. I now feel like yellow is the colour that will see me through this summer. I’ve already ordered this gorgeous (and super cheap!) yellow bikini from Shein for my upcoming weekend in Marbs. The countdown is on!!

Since this trend is just a colour, I’ve picked out some of my favourite looks from the celebs above. I need them ALL.

That’s all for now but do let me know if you enjoyed this type of post and I can incorporate it into the blog more often. Happy shopping!



Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Foodie Finds #1

Over the past few years, Glasgow has defined itself as a city that bloody well knows its food. Almost every month there is a new food joint opening somewhere in the city from gourmet pizza bars in the centre to dessert parlours in the West End and fine dining restaurants in the South Side. We’re completely spoilt for choice and I love that it gives us locals a chance to continually discover our own city, one bite at a time.

With the influx of new restaurants, new menus and bottomless brunches (Hello my little friend!) I thought it was about time I introduced a new feature on the blog dedicated to my latest foodie finds. So, without further ado, let me tell you all about three exciting (and totally different) discoveries I’ve made over the past month.

#1 Champagne flights at Champagne Central

Perhaps a little light on the food but nonetheless a foodie find that has got me very excited. Hot off a train from Forres (don’t ask), I headed along to one of my favourite city centre spots – Champagne Central. Ideal location, divine interiors and all over good vibes …. I won’t go on much more, just trust me when I say, it’s one to visit on a Friday night with the girls.

Now, champagne flights I hear you question. To sum it up, it’s a serving of three different flavoured Taittinger champagnes that are accompanied with your choice of delectable canapes – the perfect pairing they say. On the food front, I went for the oaked smoked salmon with caviar (how fancy!), a tasty Belgian white & strawberry chocolate and the cutest mini meringue. On the champagne front you get to try the Taittinger Brut Reserve NV, Taittinger Prestige Rosé NV and Taittinger Nocturne Sec NC. This is the first time I’ve ever tried Taittinger and I can’t believe how good it is! Honestly, divine. Like too good. Being an avid prosecco drinker, champagnes can sometimes be a little too - is bitter the right description? - for me, but not Taittinger.

I love how unique this experience is and think it’s the perfect way to celebrate. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation or engagement, it makes going for a glass of champagne even more special.
The Taittinger champagne flight costs £25 which I think is amazing value for money.

#2 First-class food at Lido Troon


Although not Glasgow based, Lido in Troon is absolutely worth the drive (or train ride) out of the city. Last week, I was kindly invited along to try out their delectable menu as part of their new #LoveFoodFeelGood campaign that’s essentially all about the amazing memories you create over food. With a pasta-making demonstration from one of their in-house Italian chefs, the thought of what memories we’ll be making over just the dish for our wedding in Italy next year got me very excited!

I can’t remember the last time I went to a restaurant and was so highly impressed by The quality of food on offer was amazing and I can say that with confidence as we went through almost everything on the menu! My favourite dishes were definitely the duck ragu, butternut squash risotto, Moroccan lamb and sharing platter. We’ve filled what little room we had left in our stomach with a taster of the deserts available – passion fruit cheesecake was my favourite out of the lot.

Oh, and how could I forget… the mixologists put together a rather special Edinburgh Gin menu especially for us which were D.I.V.I.N.E. Good food and the perfect serves of G&T make me very happy indeed.

I’ll absolutely be back to Lido very, very soon. Next time though, I’ll be incorporating a walk along the beach after the meal to shift a few of the just consumed calories 😊.

#3 A taste of Korea at Bibimbap



Last but by no means least, my fiancé and I headed along to Bibimbap on West Nile Street to chow down some authentic Korean grub. To be honest, before visiting, I wasn’t entirely sure what would be on the menu at a Korean restaurant. I typically go for a very generic ‘Chinese’ so was intrigued to discover what dishes would be on offer.

On arrival, I was immediately impressed by the eclectic and striking décor that has transformed the space that was once the Riverhill Restaurant. A ceiling of umbrellas, neon signs and plenty of colour –it’s an Instagrammers heaven.   

On the menu we had a choice between small plates, noodles, soups, stir-fry’s, rice bowls and more. We decided to try three of the small plates to share and then a main dish each. This turned out to be quite a bit more food than we can comfortably consume so for anyone visiting I’d recommend trying one small plate and one main per person  which would be more than enough to satisfy.

Top picks I hear you ask? For me, it has to be the (very spicy) lamb skewer, vegetable dumpling and Katsu curry. We also tasted a few of their cocktails which set of the meal perfectly.

The restaurant only offers a walk-in service but that didn’t seem to stop anyone as the place was packed full of happy customers.

If you’re eager to try something different in the city – I’d highly recommend adding this one to your list.  

That’s all for my first #FoodieFinds post but I hope you enjoyed learning about my latest discoveries. 

Let me know if there are any styles of food you’d like to see more of and I’d be happy to do my research (lol).

Until next time.


Disclaimer: I was kindly invited along to try out the food/drink at all of the above restaurants/bars however all of my opinions and recommendations are genuine. 

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

A festive 24 hours in Glasgow

You have a free weekend in December, there are Christmas gifts to be ticked off your gift list and you want to have a little fun. What do you do? Pack your bags, invite your girlfriends and take a spontaneous trip to Glasgow to soak up all things festive, of course.

As the UK's best shopping destination outside of London, Glasgow is an AMAZING place to find gifts your friends and family will love. Shopping at Christmas shouldn't be a chore though so why not start your day off with brunch, visit department stores with the most magical twinkly lights, refuel with a few sweet treats and finish off your day recapping on your successful shopping trip over dinner and drinks before resigning to your comfy hotel bed. Sounds like the perfect day to me. 

I gave this exact trip a test run last weekend with Glasgow Loves Christmas and had the best time. Here's what we got up to. 

Start your day off with brunch
With a busy shopping day ahead you'll need a good meal to kick start your day. Kimbles in St Enoch Centre is a new discovery for me. I've passed by the sweet little cafe more times than I can remember but I never realised they have a gorgeous upstairs area that is so light and airy. The store is also the perfect place to pick up a festive treat for your sweet toothed friends, 

Shop 'til you drop
Christmas shopping pre-lunch time means for less queues, a calmer atmosphere and a better opportunity to capture pictures of the millions of festive decorations you will pass by. 

If you visit anywhere in Glasgow during December it has to be House of Fraser. The department store is completely decked out in fairy lights and is an Instagram dream. They've recently welcomed the stunning House of Dior which is everything I want my home to look like and more. Filled with couture perfumes, candles, soaps and beauty, it's the perfect destination to pick up a gift for that someone special in your life. They provide a glasses of Moet to all customers and also occasionally provide free engraving service so it's the ultimate shopping experience. Before leaving House of Fraser, don't forget to visit the new Charlotte Tilbury counter. I've never really tried out the brand but after test running their matte liquid lipstick, Hollywood Lip, I'll be back very soon. I was SO impressed with this lipstick's staying power and the colour was spot on. 

Have a wander down the Christmas markets
They're only here for about six weeks so you'd be silly to miss this one out on a Christmas shopping trip. The markets are the ultimate festive spirit switch on spot as you stroll through unique gifts, sweet smelling treats and indulgent takeaway foods. 

Refuel over afternoon tea
You've now shopped yourself dry and urgently require fuel for the second half of the day why not stop by Cup Tea Lounge in Virginia Square for a festive afternoon tea. This cafe is seriously cute and is situated in a cute lane just off the hustle and bustle of the Style Mile. Perfect to get away from it all for a moment. 

Update your Christmas decos
I'm not sure about you but adding a new Christmas decoration to your home is a self-made tradition that I enjoy a lot. John Lewis is always so creative with their Christmas themes each year. This year they have seven themes from Winter Palace to Into the Woods. 

Get a pick me up at the Nespresso pop up
If you like coffee you'll love Nespresso. There's currently a pop up in Buchanan Galleries for all of you coffee lovers out there. Picking on the right capsule will be your only concern here. 

Make your own gift at the Beauty Kitchen
I'm a total advocate for DIY-ing at Christmas. I love to make my own Christmas cards and such so the create your own classes at The Beauty Kitchen are right up my street. From choosing your base ingredient to the oils that it is mixed with you create the product that works best for you. Plus you have fun along the way.....bonus. 

Finish the day with festive dinner and drinks
Now that you're completely shopped out, it's time to reward yourself with some well earned grub while you guzzle down a few cocktails. Located inside the stunning Princes Square (queue more Christmas decorations photo opps) Restaurant Bar and Grill serves up a mean steak and sweet-tasting cocktails. The restaurant is totally unexpected and is a lot bigger than you would probably first think. There's also a private room for anyone dining out in a bigger group. 

Hit the hay at Grand Central Hotel
Now you've exhausted all energy it's time to head back to your hotel and get a well earned nights sleep. Located within Glasgow's Central Station and a quick five minute walk to the Style Mile, Grand Central Hotel ticks all the boxes. They have one of Glasgow's best, if not thee best, champagne bars in the city right inside the hotel for a night cap and check out isn't until 12 o'clock. That's right, you can lounge the morning away in your PJs while ordering breakfast to the room. 

I vlogged our entired festive day out with Glasgow Loves Christmas which is now live on my YouTube - get all the festive feels by clicking play below :) 

Thanks so much to Glasgow Loves Christmas  for hosting me on this trip!

Until next time. 

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